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Exemptions from Hours of Service Requirements


There are two exemptions that may apply, providing relief from the federal hours of service requirements. However, under the provisions of the new regulations, it is possible that one trip qualifies for the exemption, but a different trip, under different circumstances does not qualify for the same exemption.

  •  Ag Operation Exemption

o Transportation must be conducted within a 100-mile radius of the farm.

o Hauling agricultural supplies and products must be conducted during the established planting and harvest season.

It is important to note that Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Department of Agriculture responded to an earlier request from PFB by extending Pennsylvania’s designated “planting and harvesting season” to a year round designation. Previously, the designation did not include the months of December, January and February.

  •  Short Haul Exemption

o The driver returns to the work location (farm) within 12 consecutive hours

o The driver has at least 10 consecutive off duty hours separating each 12 hours on duty

o The driver does not exceed 11 hours of maximum driving time following 10 consecutive hours off duty

o The motor carrier (farmer) that employs the driver retains a record (for a period of six months) of the following items:

§ Time each day the drive reported

§ Total number of hours the driver is on duty each day

§ Time driver is released each day

§ Total time for the proceeding seven days, if the driver is a first time driver or drives the vehicles intermittently

For detailed information regarding how the federal intra- and interstate driver requirements will affect your operation, please read the Federal Intrastate and Interstate Regulations for Operators of Ag Vehicles document, available on the previous page under “Summary Documents”



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