Holiday Smiles

Keeping your smile bright during the holidays

Holidays are a time for sweets, treats and indulgences; many people will be focusing on their weight and working on not gaining extra pounds between parties and left overs. It’s important to remember not to neglect your oral health during the holiday season! Below are some tips to keep your mouth healthy and happy:

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1. Eat sugary treats with your meal when extra saliva is produced in your mouth.

2Drinking water throughout the day can help rinse your mouth and it’s a healthier option than juice and soft drinks. 

3. Munching on cheese can protect tooth enamel from decay and also increase saliva in your mouth. Just watch your portions as cheese is also high in fat which can contribute to weight gain. 

4. Avoid chewing on the ice in your drink as it can cause fractures and chips in your teeth and can make them more sensitive. 

5. If you are going to drink juice and soft drinks, use a straw and position it toward the back of your mouth. This prevents a sugary coating from forming on your teeth.

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