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The Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation,
along with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, are pleased
to present Ag Literacy Week virtual.


Pennsylvania Ag Literacy Week focuses on connecting volunteers from the agricultural community to local classrooms for the purpose of increasing student knowledge about agriculture.  It is an opportunity for Pennsylvania agriculturalists (farmers, industry representatives, FFA teachers and students, and others supportive of agriculture) to be the face of agriculture in kindergarten-2nd grade classrooms across the commonwealth.  They will not only read the Ag Literacy Week book, but they will tell the students about their farms, programs or connections to agriculture.

The COVID-19 pandemic has required us to move to a virtual format for 2020.


Virtual Ag Literacy Week from Pennsylvania Farm Bureau on Vimeo.


Thank You Volunteers 

Thank you to all who volunteered to be a part of this event. We are pleased to have Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation Chairman Rick Ebert read the 2020 Ag Literacy Week book, On the Farm, At the Market, by G. Brian Karas.

Even though you were not able to visit your schools this year, please encourage your local schools, teachers and students to view our online reading of the book and continue learning with the activities highlighted under our FAQ list.


This Year's Book

This year’s book, On the Farm, At the Market, highlights a local farmer’s market. It takes readers behind the scenes of the busy market, to three farms where the owners and workers complete the tasks necessary to ensure fresh local produce on market day. All of their efforts culminate in a fresh, locally sourced meal by a chef at a neighborhood restaurant. Reminding us that behind every food we enjoy, at home or at a restaurant, is only possible due to the hard work of farmers throughout the year to grow plants and raise animals.

Parents can check out the At Home Learning Center for worksheets and activities related to the reading as well as a set of videos visiting different commodity farms.

Teachers visit the Teacher Resources section for a set of learning station cards, activity pages and lesson extensions to accompany the book.


Thank you to our 2020 Ag Literacy Week sponsors:

  • The Growmark Foundation
  • PA Pork Producers Council 
  • Nationwide
  • Pennsylvania Livestock Association
  • Cargill
  • Carl Brown
  • Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
  • Pennsylvania Soybean Board
  • The Stabler Foundation
  • Pennsylvania Grain Processing
  • Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association
  • Northeast Agricultural Education Foundation


What We Belive

We strongly believe the future success of agriculture depends upon developing an ag-literate society- with individuals who understand and can communicate the source and value of agriculture as it affects our quality of life. With the majority of children today three to four generations removed from living and working on farms, we must provide that farm connection for the next generation. It is crucial that children and adults recognize and appreciate the vital role agriculture plays in our way of live.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about Ag Literacy Week, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..