Produced in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation,
the mini magazine -- Positively 4 Kids! -- aims to help kids understand
the role agriculture plays in their favorite activities in a fun, educational and interactive format.
Our November/December issue focuses on trees.

This Issue: "Cocoa Beans to Chocolate"

BoyEatingChocolate Onepixel 2221667Valentine’s Day brings to mind love and cards but also the world’s most popular sweet treat: chocolate. More than 3 million tons of cacao beans are used each year to fulfill our sweet tooth need for chocolate. Not only is chocolate enjoyed around the world, it takes farmers around the world to grow and produce all the neces-sary ingredients for those sweet treasures!white arrow



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Positively 4 Kids! is just one of many agricultural education programs coordinated by the foundation,
a charitable organization supported by Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.