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 Is agriculture important to you?

With over 500 school districts across the state, it will take lots of Volunteer Readers from Pennsylvania's agricultural community to reach as many students as possible to teach them about agriculture.

In celebration of agriculture in Pennsylvania, volunteers throughout the state will read the agricultural themed Ag Literacy Week book to kindergarten-2nd grade classes across the commonwealth.  PA Friends of Ag Foundation invites ALL members of Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry to join with us as Volunteer Readers to assist us in increasing student knowledge about the importance of agriculture in their daily lives.

Who is a Volunteer Reader?  Someone who…

  1. is involved with, and passionate about, agriculture and wants to educate students in their local schools about the importance of agriculture;
  2. is able to identify a local K-2 classroom to visit during Ag Literacy Week;
  3. agrees to make a donation of $10 per classroom to cover the cost of the Ag Literacy Week book to be read and donated to the participating classroom; and
  4. is willing to give 30 minutes of their time to a kindergarten-2nd grade classroom at a local school to read the Ag Literacy Week book of the year, complete a simple activity with the students to enhance their learning, and share their own personal agricultural experience.

How can I participate?

  1. Visit your local elementary school to share about the Ag Literacy Week program and invite a Kindergarten-2nd grade classroom to participate with you.
  2. Collect the following information about the class(es) you will be visiting: county, school district, school name, teacher, teacher email, grade, and number of students (pdf form)
  3. Register your classroom(s) and give your $10 donation per classroom to cover the Ag Literacy Week book(s) to be read and donated to the classroom library.

What happens next?

By the end of February, PA Friends of Ag Foundation will send you the Ag Literacy Week book of the year, along with a classroom activity kit and instructions to complete your classroom visit, so you are ready for your Ag Literacy Week the 3rd week of March.