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County Contacts

President: Bill Clouser

Welcome to Clearfield County’s web page. We have many types of agricultural operations, from multi-family operators to the small part time individual operator. Dairy, hay and grain production, live stock production, vineyards, timber production, nurseries, Christmas tree growers, produce growers, specialty market producers. We even have deer farmers plus the wild deer, bear and turkeys in the county. An Amish community resides in Clearfield County. Clearfield County can say that it has the only productive ethanol plant in Pennsylvania. You think of an agricultural product and Clearfield County is probably producing it.

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Agricultural Land Preservation Program Is Progressing


Clearfield County is establishing an Agricultural Land Preservation Committee due to a local policy submitted in 2015. It is hoped that the bylaws can be submitted and approved by the Pa. Department of Agriculture this year. This would allow the program to be operational in 2017.


The Farmland Preservation Program guarantees a future food supply and contributes to a healthier economy. It provides a way for Clearfield County farmers to ensure that their farm will remain in agriculture and not be cemented over for a shopping mall. Currently, over 5,000 farms totaling over 525,000 acres have been preserved statewide.


A farm must be in an Agricultural Security Area to be eligible for preservation. Currently, only three townships in Clearfield County have an Agricultural Security Area. Farm Bureau is now working with interested farmers to develop more Security Areas and provide information to those considering preserving their farm. Contact any County Board Director for assistance in creating an Agricultural Security Area in your township. The more helpers we have, the sooner we can be preserving farms in Clearfield County.


It has been a long, involved process since the local policy was first introduced and approved at the County Annual Meeting. Agriculture in Clearfield County is benefitting due to member involvement in the Policy Development process.




The Clearfield Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award was presented to James Bonsall. Jim helped start the organization 37 years ago and is still an active member. He has served as Membership Chairman, as Treasurer, on the Advisory Committee and Legislative Committee to mention just a few of his efforts. Flowers were presented to Mrs. Jane Bonsall.


Jane and Jim Bonsall with county President Kriner
as Bonsall receives the Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award
at Clearfield County's 37th Annual Meeting.