All of our Walk Through Lessons meet these standards by grade level for
Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology:

PreK: 3.1.PK.A9, 3.1.PK.B6, 3.1.PK.C4, 3.2.PK.A6, 3.2.PK.B7, 3.3.PK.A7, 3.3.PK.B3

K: 3.1.K.A9, 3.1.K.B6, 3.1.K.C4, 3.2.K.A6, 3.2.K.B7, 3.3.K.A7, 3.3.K.B3

1st 3.1.1.A9, 3.1.1.B6, 3.1.1.C4, 3.2.1.A6, 3.2.1.B7, 3.3.1.A7, 3.3.1.B3

2nd 3.1.2.A9, 3.1.2.B6, 3.1.2.C4, 3.2.2.A6, 3.2.2.B7, 3.3.2.A7, 3.3.2.B3

Furthermore, these individual Walk Through Lessons meet these additional grade level standards:

Farm Charm

PreK: 3.1.PK.A2

K: 3.1.K.A3

1st: 3.1.1.A1, 3.1.1.A2

2nd: 3.1.2.C2

Tops & Bottoms

PreK: 3.1.PK.A2, 3.1.PK.A3, 3.1.PK.A5

K: 3.1.K.A3

1st: 3.1.1.A3, 3.1.1.A5, 3.1.1.B1

2nd: 3.1.2.A3, 3.1.2.A5

Crawly Critters

PreK: 3.2.PK.A1


1st: 3.1.1.A1


Little Red Hen’s Pizza

PreK: 3.1.PK.A2, 3.2.PK.A1, 3.2.PK.B6

K: 3.1.K.A3, 3.1.K.C2, 3.2.K.A1, 3.2.K.B6

1st: 3.1.1.A2, 3.2.1.B6

2nd: 3.1.2.A3, 3.1.2.C2, 3.2.2.B6

The Forest & ME

PreK: 3.1.PK.A2, 3.1.PK.A3, 3.1.PK.A5

K: 3.1.K.A3, 3.1.K.C2

1st: 3.1.1.A2, 3.1.1.A5

2nd: 3.1.2.A5, 3.1.2.C2

Sheep’s Surprise

PreK: 3.1.PK.A2, 3.1.PK.A3, 3.1.PK.C3, 3.1.PK.B1

K: 3.1.K.A3, 3.1.K.C2, 3.1.K.B1

1st: 3.1.1.A2, 3.1.1.C3

2nd: 3.1.2.A3