All of our Middle School Lessons meet these standards by grade level for
Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology:

6th: 3.1.6.A9, 3.1.6.B6, 3.1.6.C4, 3.2.6.A6, 3.2.6.B7, 3.3.6.A8, 3.3.6.D3

4.1.6.F, 4.2.6.D, 4.3.6.C, 4.4.6.E, 4.5.6.F

7th: 3.1.7.A9, 3.1.7.B6, 3.1.7.C4, 3.2.7.A6, 3.2.7.B7, 3.3.7.A8, 3.3.7.D3

4.1.7.F, 4.2.7.D, 4.3.7.C, 4.4.7.E, 4.5.7.F

8th: 3.1.8.A9, 3.1.8.B6, 3.1.8.C4, 3.2.8.A6, 3.2.8.B7, 3.3.8.A8, 3.3.68D3

4.1.8.F, 4.2.8.D, 4.3.8.C, 4.4.8.E, 4.5.8.F

Furthermore, these individual Middle School Lessons meet these additional grade level standards:

Water Analysis

6th: 3.3.6.A4, 4.2.6.C,

7th: 3.3.7.A4, 4.2.7.A, 4.4.7.A, 4.4.7.C, 4.4.7.D, 4.5.7.A, 4.5.7.C, 4.5.7.E

8th: 4.2.8.A, 4.5.8.A, 4.5.8.C

Corn to Plastic

6th: 3.4.6.B4

7th: 3.4.7.B1, 4.5.7.C, 4.5.7.D, 4.3.7.A

8th: 3.3.8.a2, 3.4.8.B1, 3.4.8.B3, 4.3.8.A, 4.5.8.C


6th: 3.1.6.A1, 3.4.6.B4, 3.4.6.E2

7th: 3.1.7.B1, 3.1.7.B4, 3.1.7.B5, 4.4.7.D

8th: 3.1.8.C1, 3.4.8.B2, 3.4.8.B3, 3.4.8.E2

Exciting Eggs


7th: 3.4.7.E2, 4.3.7.A

8th: 4.4.8.A

Bug Out

6th: 3.1.6.A1, 3.4.6.E2

7th: 3.4.7.B2, 3.4.7.E2, 4.1.7.A, 4.4.7.A, 4.4.7.D, 4.5.7.B, 4.5.7.C

8th: 3.4.8.B2, 3.4.8.E2, 4.5.8.A, 4.5.8.C

Super Slurper

6th: 3.2.6.A1, 3.4.6.A1, 3.4.6.B1, 3.4.6.B4, 3.4.6.C3, 3.4.6.E2

7th: 4.3. 7A, 3.2.7.A1, 3.4.7.A1, 3.4.7B1, 3.4.7B4, 3.4.7C3, 3.4.7E2

8th: 3.2.8.A1, 3.4.8.A1, 3.4.8B1, 3.4.8B4, 3.4.8.C3, 3.4.8.E2

Oh Say Can You C?

6th: 4.4.6.A, 3.2.6.A4

7th: 4.3.7.A, 4.4.7.A, 3.2.7.A4

8th: 4.4.8.A, 3.2.8.A4

Fiber Clean Sweep

6th: 10.1.6C



Soak It Up

6th: 3.4.6.B, 4.4.6A, 4.4.6.B,

7th: 3.4.7E, 4.4.7.A


Banana DNA

6th: 3.1.6.A4, 3.1.6.A8, 3.2.6.A4, 3.4.6.E2, 3.1.6.A5

7th: 3.1.7.A4, 3.1.7.A5, 3.2.7.A4, 3.4.7.E2

8th: 3.1.8.A4, 3.1.8.A5, 3.2.8.A4, 3.4.8.E2

Science of Chocolate

6th: 3.2.6.A4, 3.2.6.A5, 3.4.6.E6

7th: 3.2.7.A3, 4.3.7.A, 4.4.7.C

8th: 3.2.8.A4, 3.4.8.E6

Yeast Action