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Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation,
along with Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, announce March 20-24, 2017
as the Inaugural Pennsylvania Ag Literacy Week!

We strongly believe the future success of agriculture depends upon developing an ag literate society- with individuals who understand and can communicate the source and value of agriculture as it affects our quality of life. With the majority of children today 3 to 4 generations removed from living and working on farms, we must provide that farm connection for the next generation.  It is crucial that children and adults recognize and appreciate the vital role agriculture plays in our way of life.

As an extension of the existing Women’s Leadership Committee’s FARMtastic Book program, PA Ag Literacy Week focuses on connecting volunteers from the agricultural community to local classrooms for the purpose of increasing student knowledge about agriculture.  It is an opportunity for PA agriculturalists (farmers, ranchers, industry representatives, FFA teachers and students, and others supportive of agriculture) to be the face of agriculture in kindergarten-2nd grade classrooms across the Commonwealth.  These volunteers will not only read the 2017 Ag Literacy Week book, but they will tell the students about their farms, programs or connections to agriculture.

This program educates Pennsylvania youth through the support of volunteers who purchase the agriculturally themed Ag Literacy Week book to read to elementary students and complete a provided activity with the class. The book is then donated to the classroom library and the classroom teacher is given additional lessons to expand the student learning.

Each year a new agriculturally-themed book will be chosen and an activity developed that reinforces the message of the book.  Then hundreds (even thousands) of enthusiastic volunteers will bring a little bit of the farm to classes across PA!

This year’s book, Before We Eat: From Farm to Table, illustrates that our food doesn’t just appear in our refrigerator or on our table.  Before we eat, many people must work very hard-planting grains, tending animals, and filling crates.  Through a simple poem thanking the people who grow, transport, sell and prepare our food, readers find out what must happen before food can get to our table to nourish our bodies.