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Produced with Pride
in Pennsylvania

By Tonya Wible (Author), Lorraine Potochney-Kobold (Book Design)

Beef is made possible by a partnership between the Pennsylvania Beef Council, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation.


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 Answer Key:
Beef Scramble

Cattle can eat GRASSES, but humans cannot.

Beef is a good source of PROTEIN, which helps build muscle.

Gelatin from beef cattle is used to make JELLO, a wiggly, fruity treat!

ANGUS is a breed of cattle that is all black or red.

A FEEDLOT is a place where beef cattle have constant access to food and water.

A BASKETBALL is made from the hide of cattle.

A BEEF FARMER cares for cattle that are raised for their meat. 


What do you call a cow with no legs?


Beef Math Match-Up
12 ÷ 6 = 2 A  1. The average herd size for beef cattle in the United States is C: 40 head of cattle
200 ÷ 10 +5 = 25 B  2. E: 130 countries import beef from the United States.
10 x 4 = 40 C 3. It takes about A: 2  years for beef to go from the pasture to your plate.
(100 x 7) + (10 x 2) = 720 D 4. Three ounces of beef top sirloin has B: 25 grams of protein.
200-70 = 130 E 5. The hamburger from a single steer will make D: 720 hamburger patties.

Beef Sustainability Facts

Sustainability — is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future

Did you know? 
May is National Beef Month


That’s AGmazing! 

• The United States ships beef to 130 countries
• Footballs, marshmallows, and shampoo are made from beef cows
• It takes 1.5—3 years to get beef from the farm to your plate
• Beef cattle produce less green house gases than cars
• Beef is one the least wasted foods

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Career Corner

Meat Inspector
• Ensures meat is safe to eat
• Makes sure processing plants follow all state and federal guidelines
• Requires 2 years of college and training
2018 Median Salary: $45, 970