When the State Policy Development Committee meets in preparation for the state annual meeting, the committee has before it resolutions adopted by members at county annual meetings. Policies pertaining to national and international issues are forwarded to the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) for consideration by the AFBF Policy Development Committee, which is comprised of all state Farm Bureau presidents. The national committee presents a slate of resolutions to official voting delegates attending the American Farm Bureau annual meeting. Resolutions adopted become official American Farm Bureau policy.The policies thus arrived at, form the basis for programs of action at all levels in Farm Bureau and are the official positions of the respective Farm Bureaus.Most importantly, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB) Advisory Councils practice and help preserve the American tradition of democracy. 

Starting Your Own Advisory Council

  • Request a starter packet. To obtain a starter packet and more information, phone (717) 761-2740 or E-mail.
  • Invite a few of your Farm Bureau friends to a social evening to consider organizing an advisory council.
  • Explain the concept and benefits of an advisory council and why you are interested in starting one in your area.
  • Fill out the report form in the packet and return it to the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau to get your group officially entered as a new advisory council.
Once you have decided to organize:
  • Elect officers.
  • Establish a regular meeting date.
  • Choose a unique name for your council.
  • Choose a regular meeting place
  • Decide whether or not to bring children to meetings.
Each month, the advisory council receives a discussion packet (available each month in the Members Only section of the website) from PFB with information to assist their group interaction.