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Why should I join?

If you care about and want to be involved with the future of the land, where your food comes from and the people who grow your food, the Farm Bureau Youth Club is for you!

Youth Club Benefits

  • 6 issues of our publication, Keystone Country

  • Youth Club Certificate

  • Information about

  • Ag Careers brochure



How can I participate?

As part of Farm Bureau’s Youth Club, you are welcome to participate in county and state Farm Bureau member activities. You could experience:

• Participate in educational programs and
  contests focused on safety, and healthy living.
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• Explore our scholarships to pursue  
  careers in agriculture

• Volunteer to work at a state or
  local event.

• Learn about leadership, attend a county
  Farm Bureau meeting or activity. 

• Grow your membership as you grow!  We
  also have a Collegiate Farm Bureau and a
  Young Farmers and Ranchers program.


Who can join?

   Anyone 17 years old and younger are eligible to join Pennsylvania
   Farm Bureau’s Youth Club.


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Did you know? 

  Potatoes have eyes, but they can’t see!