The County Newsletter Editor (CNE) develops goals and objectives for the county Farm Bureau newsletter, writes and publishes the county newsletter, and covers county Farm Bureau issues and events.

1. Develops a program of work and budget estimate, in cooperation with the Member Relations Cabinet Director, which is presented to and approved by the county Farm Bureau Board.
2. Carries out the goals and objectives as outlined by the adopted program of work.
3. Attends applicable training conferences.
4. Attends county Farm Bureau Board meetings and gives reports on the newsletter.
5. Sends a copy of each newsletter to the PA Farm Bureau Governmental Affairs and Communications Division.
6. Provides information for PFB Public Relations and Information Award.
7. Provides PFB’s website director with information for their county Farm Bureau web pages. This may be done by online using this form.

• Farm Bureau Membership
• Working knowledge of the County Farm Bureau structure
• Ability to write and possess good oral communication skills
• Ability to type and operate a computer
• Handle newsletter layout and printing
• Interest in promoting Farm Bureau news and its issues

Technical training for the CNE is provided by the staff of the PA Farm Bureau Governmental Affairs and Communications Division.

The CNE reports to the county Media Relations Coordinator.

Each month, CIDs and CNEs receive the Companion Newsletter via regular mail or email with helpful tips, information and articles to include in county newsletters. (Available in Members Only)

A Communications Handbook (Available in Members Only) has been developed to assist CID/CNEs in performing their duties. Personalized assistance is always available as well. For more information or to become a CID/CNE, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.