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First At Scene Training (F@ST) is an educational program dedicated to teaching the first person at a rural accident scene how to properly react.

Every year in rural America, countless people are injured or killed in accidents.  Tragically, the first person at the scene many times reacts without thinking and is also injured or killed.

The First At Scene Training (F@ST) program is dedicated to educating and training the first person at the scene.  The program demonstrates the proper way to approach, analyze and react to such accidents.

We encourage you to share this program with your friends, co-workers or classmates, and then discuss it.  Learning how to respond to an accident will certainly make you more qualified and prepared to save your own life...and quite possibly the lives of others!

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For questions or additional information, please contact:

PA Farm Bureau Committee Director

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Phone: 717.761.2740



The First At Scene Training (F@ST) DVD was professionally produced by MPI Video of Sioux Falls, with scenes being filmed on the farms and ranches of South Dakota Farm Bureau members in various locations across the state.

First At Scene Training (F@ST) is a product of South Dakota Farm Bureau, the state's largest agricultural organization, representing more than 14,000 farm, ranch and urban families across the state.