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Agriculture Insurance

Tell us about your job:
I started in May 2014 in the insurance industry in Lancaster County, focusing on agriculture and farms. I work with some dairy farms, and some feed mills. It doesn’t matter if you have two horses or own a 600-cow dairy. If it’s agriculture, I work with it.

Tell us about your agriculture background:
I grew up on Meyer Dairy Farm in Logantown, Clinton County. It’s a 200-Holstien cow farm. My dad has one of the best somatic cell counts in the state. I would like to go back to the farm eventually, but I also wanted to gain experience outside the farm. In my current job, I still get to relate to the agriculture industry and I really enjoy it. Growing up on a farm taught be me about hard work and dedication and that I had to work for everything I got. Growing up, I had to work to help support the farm.

What did you enjoy about your time in 4-H?
My favorite part was the activities. Along with showing animals, I did ceramics and grew a vegetable garden. It really taught me responsibility. I had to care for the animals and I had to lead them in the show ring. You also get to interact with kids your own age and learn about animals. It helps you grow up. I had the chance to attend 4-H camps and I met a lot of people. I liked that aspect.

You serve as a co-chair for membership in Lancaster County. What do you like about it?
It is challenging, and not being from Lancaster County, I don’t know the area as well as someone who grew up there. There are a lot more townships than in Clinton County. It is just getting acclimated with the diverse cultures here in Lancaster. I enjoy getting to meet farmers. I get to tell them about why Farm Bureau is important and all that we do for farmers.

You are also helping to organize a young farmer committee in the county. Why is that important?
There has not been much young farmer activity in the county for the past 10 years. We did a lot of activities with young farmers up in Clinton and Centre counties so I’ve been trying to reach out to young farmers and organize events. We’ve done surveys asking people what kind of events they would like to attend, what time works for them, things like that. We are committed to doing one farm showcase a year where young farmers tour local farms. Our committee is working hard to make things happen and to get our name out there. It’s important for young farmers to be involved so they know others in the industry and get to see others’ perspectives. At 25, you might find yourself owning the farm in 10 years so getting to know others will help you grow as a farmer.

Why are you optimistic about the future of agriculture?
It is never going to go away. We will always need it. Whether they are big farms or small, we need all aspects of farming.

Lastly, why are you a Farm Bureau member?
I absolutely enjoy Farm Bureau. It is one of my favorite organizations. I like being on the county board and trying to establish a young farmer committee. Farm Bureau sticks up for the farmers and is the voice of farmers. That’s why I’m Farm Bureau proud!