Candy and Oral Health

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Halloween can be a scary time of year—not just because of ghosts and goblins, but because of candy and cavities! You can use this time of year to teach kids about good oral health habits while still enjoying the treats of the holiday. Click here for a print out.


Below are some tips to for a happy and healthy mouth:

• Monitor how much candy your child eats by limiting their daily consumption to a couple of pieces.
• Encourage your child to drink water after they eat treats to help rinse away sugar.
• Once your child is ready, you can offer them healthier options like sugar free gum which can help prevent cavities by keeping teeth clean.
• Avoid sticky candy like taffy and caramel that expose the teeth to sugar for longer periods of time.
• If your home will be visited by trick-or-treaters, consider handing out little trinkets like a box of crayons or bouncy balls.
• Limit juice or other drinks with sugar, particularly if your child is indulging in candy.


It’s important to instill good oral health habits early. Regular visits to your child’s dentist assure that their teeth are properly cleaned and examined throughout the year. Teaching children about their oral health is key in building healthy habits for life!


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