Eating Habits

Holidays are the time for sweets, treats and more. Some people worry mostly about their weight gain over the holiday and not about what kind of damage they are putting on their teeth.


Below are some tips to keep your mouth healthy and happy:

1. Eat sugary treats with your meal when extra saliva is produced in your mouth. This helps to break down harmful acids that attach tooth enamel and help to rinse away sugars.

2. Drinking water throughout the day can help rinse your mouth and it’s a healthy alternative to sugary juices, soft drinks and other sweet beverages.


3. Munching on cheese can protect tooth enamel from decay and also increase saliva in your mouth.

4. Try not to chew on the ice in your drink. Chewing ice can cause fracture lines, cracks and chips in your teeth and make your teeth more sensitive.


5. Drink soft drinks through a straw positioned toward the back of your mouth. This prevents a sugary coating from forming on your teeth.


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