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It's spooky how much sugar kids consume during this annual candy free-for-all. According to Reader's Digest, the average trick-or-treater eats about 7,000 calories. That's equal to almost three cups of sugar! What's even scarier? Many candies can harm your child's teeth in ways beyond the excess sugar. Sour candies are acidic, which can wear away the outer tooth enamel. And chewy, sticky candies can dislodge braces and other orthodontic devices. Of course, you'll make sure they brush and floss after gobbling up their goodies. But first, check out our candy rating scale so you can sort out the least frightful options.


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3 Candy Alternatives That Don't Cause Cavities

Gearing up for those masked rascals? Before you stock up in the candy aisle this Halloween, consider an alternative treat that's fun and dentist approved! Here are some ideas that will delight the neighborhood kids (and their parents, too).

  • Play dough - Get creative with small play dough containers in orange, black, green and purple. Add in creepy surprises like spiders or plastic eyeballs.
  • Temporary tattoos - Kids LOVE these stick-on, wash-off decorations! Look for zombie bites, monsters, bugs and bats.
  • Glow sticks - Find packs of glow sticks at the dollar store. They're super-fun, plus they help keep kids safe when running around after dark.

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Yummy Mummy Pizza Bread

UC Oct19 Halloween hoverThis cute, Halloween-themed dish is nutritious and delicious! Serve it as an afterschool snack, or dinner for picky eaters who only want pizza. Using wheat or grain bread boosts fiber. Plus, mozzarella cheese is low in carbs and calories, and an excellent source of protein, calcium and vitamin B12.

  • 4 Slices of white, wheat or multi-grain bread, crusts removed
  • 14-oz. Jar of your favorite pizza sauce
  • 6 Slices of mozzarella
  • 4 Whole black olives, cut in half

Toast bread for a crispy base. Using bread knife, remove crust and then spread pizza sauce on each slice. Cut each piece of mozzarella into 5 thin strips. Lay 5-7 cheese strips across each slice of bread randomly to look like mummy wrapping. Top with two black olive "eyes". Warm in toaster oven until cheese is slightly melted, or bake in low oven (325°) for about 5 minutes.

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