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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed repealing and rewriting its controversial Waters of the U.S. rule. As currently written, the 2015 rule would give the federal government broad authority to regulate as “water” nearly every acre of farmland in Pennsylvania.


So as EPA begins the process of defining what is—and what isn’t—a “water of the U.S.,” Farm Bureau is asking members to send a clear message: we need a common-sense WOTUS rule. AFBF has initiated a social media campaign to support EPA’s withdrawal of the 2015 WOTUS Rule.

Take a photo of a rubber duck in an area of your farm that would have been regulated as a navigable water under the WOTUS Rule, and share that photo on social media using the hastags #FloatUs and #CleanWaterRules. You can use one of the following messages with your photo:

1. If you can’t #FloatUS, it’s not #WOTUS. Waters of the United States should be wet. We need #CleanWaterRules.


2. Tell Washington #WOTUS shouldn’t regulate lands that are sometimes wet. American farmers and ranchers deserve a common-sense rule. #FloatUs #CleanWaterClearRules


3. #WOTUS isn’t what it’s quacked up to be. Farmers and ranchers need a clear and reasonable definition of “Waters of the U.S.” #FloatUs #CleanWaterClearRules


4. Regulating farmlands that are sometimes wet is fowl play. It’s time to rescind the 2015 #WOTUS rule. #FloatUs #CleanWaterClearRules


5. Even ducks know ditches and low lands aren’t #WOTUS. #CleanWaterClearRules


6. The 2015 #WOTUS rule didn’t fly with the federal courts. It’s time for a common-sense rule within the limits set by Congress. #FloatUs #CleanWaterClearRules

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