OSHA Regulations that Farmers Must Follow

Farmers are responsible for safeguarding their employees under the Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA), and like all other businesses, must comply with OSHA regulations.

Agricultural employers should read, understand, and comply with the applicable standards below. Most of the standards may be viewed as "common sense", but employers must make sure all employees are trained, and know the rules.

Employers should pay particular attention to the requirements for employee training, use of guards, and requirements that all powered equipment, under most conditions, is to be at full stop before repair and servicing. Applying OSHA required standards and using the resources below to identify hazards will prevent accidents and fatalities.

Your responsibility to provide a safe workplace for employees is the law:

OSHA Regulations For Agriculture:

·         Guarding of Farm Field Equipment, Farmstead Equipment, and Cotton Gins

·         Grain Handling

·         Regulations for Grain Handling

·         Grain Handling Facilities


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