Every truck shall have its own registered gross weight based on the gross vehicle weight rating assigned by the manufacturer (specified on the federal weight certification label) and an equivalent weight rating determined by Penn DOT based on axle and wheel strength, horsepower, braking power and other factors affecting the ability of the vehicle to handle heavier loads.

NO TRUCK CAN BE OPERATED WITH A GROSS WEIGHT IN EXCESS OF ITS REGISTERED GROSS WEIGHT (PVC § 4942). For a truck-trailer combination, in order to pull a trailer having a registered gross weight over 10,000 pounds at full loading capacity, the pulling truck must be registered at a weight equal to the weight of the combination of the truck and trailer at full trailer load capacity (PVC § 4942).

The owner of a trailer with a GVWR over 10,000 lbs. has the option to reduce the registered gross weight of the trailer to 10,000 without the obligation to increase the registered gross weight of the pulling truck; however the actual weight of the trailer may not exceed the registered gross weight of the trailer. (PVC § 4942)

Trucks whose GVWRs fall within the weight ranges of Classes I through 4 may be registered at the highest gross or combination weight assigned for the class in which the truck falls (PVC §1916(b)). Therefore a truck:
• With a GVWR of 5,000 lbs. Or less (Class 1) can be registered at 5,000 lbs.
• With a GVWR of 5,001- 7,000 lbs (Class 2) can be registered at 7,000 lbs.
• With a GVWR of 7,001-9,000 lbs. (Class 3) can be registered at 9,000 lbs.
• With a GVWR of 9,001-11,000 lbs. (Class 4) can be registered at 11,000 lbs.

WARNING: A truck loaded beyond the Manufacturer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating may create unsafe conditions and/or void the manufacturer’s warranty if damage should result from such overloading. Check with your dealer or factory representative. You should also consult your insurer concerning your insurance coverage.

The gross weight maximum of any individual vehicle, including farm vehicles, is 80,000 lbs. The gross weight maximum of any combination is 80,000 lbs. These limits are subject to the registered gross weight of the vehicle, requirements regarding axle weight, and requirements regarding wheel load. Vehicles are also subject to any weight restrictions applied to particular roads or bridges (PVC § 4941, 4946).