Farm Labor Supply To Be Monitored by PFB

Recognizing that shortages of farm labor have been reported in several states, particularly for seasonal farm work, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is monitoring whether farmers are currently experiencing or anticipating some work force shortages ahead.

The information collected will assist Farm Bureau’s work to make agencies and others aware of emergency situations if they arise. For some farmers, their situation may change rapidly during the growing season. So keeping PFB updated if major changes occur will be important and helpful.

The overall results of this survey might be shared with lawmakers in Washington as Farm Bureau presses for action in the U.S. Congress to provide a practical and legal guestworker program to meet the needs of agriculture.  Responses from individual farms will be kept confidential.

The form has also been sent by e-mail to Farm Bureau members in several commodity groups, if PFB has an e-mail address on record for those members.

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