PaOneStop: Online System for Farm Mapping and Nutrient Management and E&S Planning

Penn State Cooperative Extension has started an online software tool called PaOneStop that allows farmers to map their operations and assist with compliance on nutrient management and nutrient balance sheet regulations. PaOneStop can assist agricultural producers with field mapping, nutrient management and Erosion and Sedimentation Planning. The site displays recent satellite photos to view recent practices that are being implemented on the farm.
The PaOneStop program is free of charge and does not require users to add new software. After registering, users can map their operations and produce hardcopy maps necessary for regulatory compliance. The system has aerial maps, NRCS soil maps and tools to help determine setbacks and boundaries.
How to use PAOneStop:
Online, go to
  1. The software program is made to run on the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.
  2. Click on: Get Firefox Now for a free download if this is not currently on your system.
  3. Click on: Click here to visit the site.
  4. You will be asked to create your own user name and password.
  5. Click on: Create a New Farm.
  6. Click on: Edit Farm
  7. Enter the address of the farm.
  8. Click on: Locate Farm Address on the Map.
  9. Click on: Satellite at the top of the map for an actual detailed overhead view of the farm.
  10. Click on: + on the map to zoom in on fields.