April 19-25, 2020 is Rural Roads Safety Week

Rural Road SafetyPennsylvania has more rural roads than any other state in the country. Especially during springtime, more farmers are driving large equipment on rural roads which, in turn, increases farm machinery accidents. The Rural Roads Safety program was created in 2000 by the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau. Rural Roads Safety Week, a joint campaign between the PA Farm Bureau, PA Department of Agriculture and PA Department of Transportation (PennDot), is designed to educate the general public and farmers about safety concerns on rural roads, particularly in relation to slow moving vehicles. Additionally, it alerts motorists across Pennsylvania to drive cautiously on rural roads and to slow down when approaching large farm equipment on back roads. The goal of the campaign is to reduce the number of accidents on rural roads and to save lives.


This year, during the COVID-19 pandemic, farmers are continuing their normal activities to ensure we continue to have a safe and accessible food supply. If you are traveling for essential purposes, please drive carefully and watch for farm equipment


Hosting a County Farm Bureau Rural Roads Safety Event


County Farm Bureaus typically hold local events of interest and invite the news media to cover these events. This year, in-person events are not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Here are a few ideas for how your county can support this grassroots program and foster safety on local rural roadways during the pandemic:

  • Send a letter to the editor of your local paper explaining why motorists should exercise caution on rural roads.

  • Share this website and our other Rural Roads Safety Week with local news organizations and offer to speak with a reporter over the phone about why Rural Roads Safety is important to you and your farm.

  • Share this website and the 2020 Rural Roads Safety Week video (coming soon) on social media.

  • Record public service announcements for local radio stations.

  • Sponsor a county Rural Roads Safety Week poster or essay contest.