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July is Sunny

Summer is heating up, and as you dive headlong into seasonal fun and frolicking, you want to be sure to protect your skin.


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- Content by PinnacleHealth Cares


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3 Reminders to Apply Sunscreen Correctly

Some research suggests that the majority of people use sunscreen incorrectly, so here’s a reminder:


1. Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and apply it early and often, even in overcast weather.


2. If you’re outside and have a lot of skin exposed, you should apply about a shot-glass full every few hours. (Yes, really!)


3. Pay extra attention to your lips, scalp, the tips of your ears and the backs of your legs. These “hot spots” are easy to forget about, which makes them especially prone to sun damage.


For additional information on skin cancer and how to protect your skin, visit pinnaclehealth.org.
-Content by Content by PinnacleHealth Cares