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Thirsty Stems 

capillary action the principal characteristic of stems is their ability to move water and dissolved minerals upward, downward, and side-to-side within plants

flower petals and pistil of a plant

leaves flat, thin, usually green part growing from a plant stem

root underground part of a plant

stem stalk of a plant or flower

Bee-utiful Relationship

flower petals and pistil of a plant

petal leaf-like part of a blossom

pistil seed-bearing organ of a flower

pollen powder-like cells from the anthers of flowers

pollination placing pollen on the pistil of a flower

pollinator insects that pollinate flowers

sepal leaf-like part at the base of a flower

stamen pollen-bearing part of a flower

Feast Like a Bug

beneficial helpful or an advantage

harmful causing hurt or damage

insect small animal with six legs

labellum a liplike part, such as the tip of the proboscis of various insects, used for lapping up liquids

mandible lower  jaw of mammals and some insects

piercing proboscis a sharp, straw-like tube on some insects used to gather food

proboscis a special, slender mouth-part on some insects used to gather food

Popcorn Capers

float to stay on the surface of a liquid

seed coat the protective, outer surface of a seed

sink to go or put beneath the surface of the water