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Pennsylvania Farm Bureau |  P.O. Box 8736 | Camp Hill, PA 17001-8736
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MSC Accountant/Financial Advisor

Erie, Crawford, Warren, and Lancaster counties


About Us:

-    MSC Business Services provides accounting, tax and bookkeeping services to farmers and small businesses in the agricultural industry.
-    MSC Business Services has been serving the accounting and financial/business analysis needs of PA Farm Bureau Members since 1958.  During this time we have grown to over 4,500 contracts serving the accounting needs of every type of agricultural enterprise.
-    Pennsylvania’s diverse agricultural landscape provides staff with a wide range of accounting, financial and business management experience where no two days are the same.  We help those that feed us all be as successful in business as possible.  Business accounting practices, labor regulations, tax laws and good neighbor policies are just a few of the subjects discussed with clients. We also provide services to non-agricultural businesses.

About the Position:

-    All Account Supervisors work out of their homes, set their own schedules and provide services to clients using the most modern, up-to-date software and hardware available.
-    Workload throughout the year is not even, with many more hours worked in the fall and winter months (tax planning and tax preparation seasons).  In the spring, time is spent with clients reviewing their financial and business results and goal setting for the future.  Summer is a time to work on current year accounting records in preparation for the fall and winter.
-    Account Supervisors create long-term relationships with clients. Most staff become a valuable resource for all agriculture and small business in their area.  Making a difference is one of the key drivers which has resulted in average staff tenure being in excess of 17 years.


-    Account Supervisors are provided with clients upon hire and are expected to grow this book of business as their expertise grows.  
-    While a new hire will be primarily responsible for Sole Proprietors, as experience and expertise grow, Account Supervisors take on Partnerships, Corporations and LLCs.  
-    As the accountant providing service to the client, successful candidates are responsible for making timely client visits and the completion of all required returns.


-    Degree in Accounting, Business or related agricultural field
-    Valid Driver’s License
-    Proficiency with a PC
-    Ability to pass background check
-    Ability to carry minimum of 30 pounds
-    Desire to work with small businesses, help them solve problems and grow their business


-    Competitive benefits, including 401K, medical, dental, vision and life insurance.
-    Company car that is available for personal use.
-    Working with production agriculture that is made up of some of the most forward thinking entrepreneurs in business, insuring stimulating conversations and decision making.

How to Apply:

-    Email letter-of-introduction and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (we do not publish individual emails on the web)