Your personally prepared Dairy Profitability Comparison will provide you the opportunity to compare your operation directly to similar sized operations in our database. A comparison to the top 10% of all operations in the database is also possible. You will note that the data are more detailed and less summarized.

Given that the total database of MSC Business Services consists of more than 350 dairy farms, from all parts of PA and from operations of all sizes, an important comparison with your competition is possible. With a database of our size, comparisons to the top 10% will tell you how you are doing compared to the best-of-the-best. These are the farms best positioned to weather an industrywide financial downturn, and are therefore the farms that should be studied most closely.

MSC's Dairy Profitability Comparisons are prepared exclusively for each of our dairy clients. The links below illustrate the structure of the report and are for historic comparison purposes only.