2012 DHA cover lgThe annual Dairy Herd Analysis prepared by Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s MSC Business Services and Farm Credit is a guide to improve profitability for dairymen.

Produced around mid-year, the report uses records from approximately 600 Pennsylvania and 600 Northeast producers in determining key financial benchmarks for dairymen in the region.

In addition to comments by MSC Business Services Manager, Michael Evanish, and key per cow and per hundredweight benchmark averages for the top 10% producers, plus small, medium-sized and large operations, the Dairy Herd Analysis also contains articles by other industry professionals.

The Dairy Herd Analysis is mailed to MSC Business Service dairy clients and the current issue will be available for purchase on-line around the beginning of July. Past issues are available as free pdfs below.


Publication PDFs Available:

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Please contact us concerning archival issues at 717.731.3517 or email.