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PLEASE NOTE: The listing below has now been changed to the 2017 membership year.


It is our goal to keep these listings as up-to-date as possible. If you see an error in this listing, please email or call 717-731-3541.




President - Brock L. Widerman
Vice-President - Sally Scholle
Director - Earl G. Stock
Director - Jeffrey Waybright
Director - Francis J. Pennings
Director - Robert T. Clowney
Director - David A. Reinecker
Director - Matthew D. Kehr
Director - Brian A. Davis
Director - Greg Wenk
Director - Robert J. Niner
Secretary/Treasurer - Debra K. Stock
Governmental Relations Director - Mark L. Widerman
Information Director Director - Debra K. Stock
Member Relations Director - Earl G. Stock
Member Services Coordinator - Robert T. Clowney
Membership Chairperson - Robert T. Clowney
Membership Chairperson - John R. Hess II

President - John A. Bennett
Vice-President - C Ross Grooms
Secretary - Kimberly Overly
Treasurer - Lori A. Bennett
Director - Jason Overly
Director - Paul Stubrick
Director - Justin Sheasley
Director - Troy L. Goldstrohm

President - John L. Hobbs VMD
Vice-President - Ellen Dillon
Secretary - Ellen Dillon
Treasurer - Penny E. Kretzer
Director - Edward S. McCready
Director - Richard C. McElhaney
Director - Robert J. Yost
Director - Henry Karki
Director - Dean Kind
Director - Chip Kohser
Director - John A. Stewart Jr
Director - Elizabeth McCullough
Director - Craig Conforti
Governmental Relations Director - Wayne W. Harley
Membership Chairperson - Henry Karki
Membership Chairperson - John A. Stewart Jr

President - Robert W. Detwiler
Vice-President - Bruce Nunamaker
Secretary - Cristy Strayer
Treasurer - D Dean Claycomb
Director - Jane Yoder
Director - Naomi Sollenberger
Director - Jack Monsour
Director - James A. Zembower
Director - Peter M. Yorke
Director - Stewart M. Hickey
Director - Jonathan Todd May
Governmental Relations Director - Robert W. Detwiler
Information Director Director - Brian K. Zembower
Member Relations Director - D Dean Claycomb
Member Services Coordinator - Jonathan Todd May
Membership Chairperson - Fred E. Claycomb

President - Larry G. Gelsinger
Vice-President - Paul G. Hartman
Vice-President - Dennis J. Essig
Director - Brennan K. Johns
Director - George E. Moyer
Director - Joseph E. Rosenbaum
Director - Harry P. Shaak
Director - Robert J. Tercha
Director - Dorothy J. Wagner
Director - Stephen R. Burkholder
Director - Elizabeth E. Peifer
Director - Rachael Kirkhoff
Secretary/Treasurer - Robin Lincoln
Governmental Relations Director - Craig J. Lutz
Information Director Director - Elizabeth E. Peifer
Member Relations Director - Dorothy J. Wagner
Membership Chairperson - Dennis J. Essig
Membership Chairperson - Paul G. Hartman

President - Gary R. Long
Vice-President - Laverne Z. Nolt
Vice-President - Brian Detwiler
Secretary - Mark A. Heeter
Treasurer - Dotty Stahl
Director - David A. Sollenberger
Director - Edgar C. Kreider
Director - Reuben B. Newswanger
Director - Dorothy J. Ross
Director - Christopher E. Creek
Director - Andrew R. Bechtel
Director - Daren Brubaker
Governmental Relations Director - Kenneth T. Brenneman
Member Relations Director - Edgar C. Kreider
Member Services Coordinator - Christopher E. Creek
Membership Chairperson - Dorothy J. Ross

President - Barbara Warburton
Vice-President - Douglas C. Graybill
Vice-President - Julie T. Perry
Secretary - Martha Young
Treasurer - Martha Young
Director - James D. Gore
Director - Chris Young
Director - L Scott Shedden
Director - Paul B. Yoachim
Director - Brian Dale Moyer
Director - Greg R. Perry
Director - Ryan Calkins
Director - Amanda L. Miller
Governmental Relations Director - Barbara Warburton
Information Director Director - Barbara Warburton
Member Services Coordinator - Amanda L. Miller
Membership Chairperson - Julie T. Perry
Membership Chairperson - Barbara Warburton

President - Mark A. Scheetz
Vice-President - Don Buckman
Director - Joel Roney
Director - Kenneth Herstine
Director - Jeffrey L. Heacock
Director - Michael F. Stitzinger
Director - Walter M. Orlowski Jr
Director - Glenn A. Wismer
Director - A Bruce Weikel
Director - Joshua C. Rice
Director - Mary Elizabeth Snyder
Secretary/Treasurer - Otilia Rutherford
Membership Chairperson - Kenneth Herstine
Membership Chairperson - Sandy Herstine

President - Lawrence Voll
Vice-President - James Boldy
Secretary - Catherine J. Metrick
Treasurer - Robert H. Niggel
Director - Sherry Lokhaiser
Director - Guy R. Daubenspeck
Director - Dennis M. Kohlmeyer
Director - Dennis G. Bryan
Director - Harold Foertsch
Director - Rita Kennedy
Director - Evelyn I. Minteer
Governmental Relations Director - Joseph C. Kelly III
Information Director Director - Evelyn I. Minteer
Member Relations Director - James Boldy
Member Services Coordinator - Evelyn I. Minteer
Member Services Coordinator - James J. Boldy Jr
Membership Chairperson - Evelyn I. Minteer
Membership Chairperson - James Boldy

President - Tommy R. Nagle Jr
Vice-President - Brian Leroy McMullen
Vice-President - Robert W. Davis
Secretary - Janalee Schilling
Treasurer - Mary L. Smithmyer
Director - Thomas E. Smithmyer
Director - Richard D. Farabaugh
Director - Archie Morris
Director - Martin J. Westrick
Governmental Relations Director - Martin P. Yahner
Member Relations Director - Robert W. Davis
Member Services Coordinator - Tommy R. Nagle Jr
Membership Chairperson - James A. Benshoff

President - C Allen Ishler
Vice-President - Bethany Coursen
Secretary - Laura Young
Treasurer - Mildred L. Turner
Director - Mark E. Ott
Director - Andrew L. Bater
Director - Ricky E. Homan
Director - Cody Edling
Governmental Relations Director - Bethany Coursen
Information Director Director - Laura Young
Member Relations Director - C Allen Ishler
Member Services Coordinator - C Allen Ishler
Membership Chairperson - C Allen Ishler

President - Daniel C. Miller
Vice-President - Howard S. Reyburn
Vice-President - Harold M. Hallman III
Secretary - Julie A. Brady
Treasurer - Janet E. Robinson
Director - Dennis L. Breckbill
Director - Jeffrey H. Stoltzfus
Director - Donald Hoopes Hannum
Director - Joseph Fecondo
Director - Arthur B. Needham
Director - Deborah J. Ellis
Director - Charles Graydus
Director - Steven Joseph Barr
Director - Melissa Harrop
Director - Keith A. Kanara
Governmental Relations Director - Howard S. Reyburn
Information Director Director - Duncan Allison
Member Relations Director - Duncan Allison
Member Services Coordinator - Harold M. Hallman III

President - Jeff Shaffer
Vice-President - Bud Wills
Vice-President - Steven L. Reichard
Secretary - Barbara Jean Schill
Treasurer - Nancy M. Kadunce
Director - Laverne J. Lewis
Director - Gwen Wills
Director - Richard T. Griebel
Director - Linda Stahlman
Director - Richard D. Perry
Director - John-Scott Port
Director - David L. Yeany
Director - Fred H. Allen Jr
Director - Albert Abramovic
Governmental Relations Director - Bud Wills
Information Director Director - Linda Stahlman
Member Relations Director - Jeff Shaffer
Membership Chairperson - Jeff Shaffer

President - Leon D. Kriner
Vice-President - Frank K. Snyder
Vice-President - Sam F. Carr
Secretary - Christopher A. Everett
Treasurer - Jeanne B. Hayes
Director - Michael P. Kunsman
Director - Michael P. Kennis Jr
Director - Robert L. Russell
Governmental Relations Director - Sam F. Carr
Member Relations Director - Leon D. Kriner
Member Services Coordinator - Christopher A. Everett
Membership Chairperson - Lawrence C. Crittenden

President - Justin J. Snook
Vice-President - Lori Butler
Vice-President - Nicholas Feidt
Director - Cory Michael Chelko
Director - Adam Underkoffler
Director - Douglas P. Dotterer
Director - Kiera Meyer
Director - Richard T. Miller Jr
Secretary/Treasurer - Bonnie L. Beck
Governmental Relations Director - Nicholas Feidt
Information Director Director - Coreena Meyer
Member Services Coordinator - Justin J. Snook
Membership Chairperson - Justin J. Snook

President - Delroy A. Artman
Vice-President - James Levan
Vice-President - Charles E. Porter
Director - Mark Rohrbach
Director - D Robert Davidson
Director - Steven Chapin
Director - Kirk N. Lehman
Director - Dave M. Adams
Director - Jacob A. Shuman
Secretary/Treasurer - Karen L. Chapin
Governmental Relations Director - Clifton D. Miller
Information Director Director - Karen L. Chapin
Member Services Coordinator - James Levan
Membership Chairperson - Gerald R. McCarty

President - Richard I. Muir
Vice-President - John E. Kunz
Vice-President - Robert J. Waddell
Director - Scott J. Preston
Director - Catherine Vorisek
Director - Brenda Irwin
Director - Robert Anderson
Director - Jeremy Burnham
Director - Maxine S. Bookamer
Secretary/Treasurer - Cynthia Kunz
Governmental Relations Director - Deborah R. Muir
Information Director Director - Rebecca D. Gillette
Member Relations Director - Catherine Vorisek
Membership Chairperson - Catherine Vorisek

President - Mathew A. Meals
Vice-President - Scott Gutshall
Vice-President - Ryan Brown
Secretary - Andrea Brown
Treasurer - Jason M. Nailor
Director - Cody Bear
Director - Ian Stamy
Director - Richard G. Mains Jr
Director - Michael E. Berkheimer
Director - Janet G. Jamison
Governmental Relations Director - Mathew A. Meals
Information Director Director - Andrea Brown
Member Relations Director - Nathan Blasco
Member Services Coordinator - Nathan Blasco
Membership Chairperson - Nathan Blasco

President - Keith E. Oellig
Vice-President - Cleon S. Cassel
Vice-President - Jonathan I. Coble
Director - Elizabeth Bosak
Director - Susan E. Carns
Director - Gary E. Carns
Director - Kenneth Brandt
Director - David W. Marshall
Director - Kenneth E. Bechtel II
Director - Thomas B. Williams
Director - Tyler Shaw
Secretary/Treasurer - Randy S. Greider
Governmental Relations Director - Tyler Shaw
Membership Chairperson - Christine Oellig
Membership Chairperson - Rebecca J. Bush

President - Roger Auman Sr
Vice-President - Cameron Uhl
Vice-President - Raymond H. McMinn
Secretary - Ernest Carl Mattiuz Jr
Treasurer - David J. Gillen
Director - Raymond Gahr
Director - Amanda Balon
Governmental Relations Director - Raymond H. McMinn
Governmental Relations Director - Ernest Carl Mattiuz Jr
Information Director Director - Ernest Carl Mattiuz Jr
Member Relations Director - Ernest Carl Mattiuz Jr
Member Services Coordinator - Ernest Carl Mattiuz Jr
Membership Chairperson - Ernest Carl Mattiuz Jr

President - Nicholas C. Mobilia Jr
Vice-President - Mark C. Muir
Secretary - Kathleen W. Maas
Treasurer - Larry J. Labowski
Director - Sally Haggerty
Director - Dennis Patrick Whitney
Director - James W. Neuburger
Director - Virginia Shreve
Director - Mark Troyer
Director - David Maille
Director - Gary W. Faulkner
Director - Daniel Netzler
Director - Justin W. Wetzel
Information Director Director - Mark C. Muir
Membership Chairperson - Mark C. Muir

President - Deborah Etta Marella
Vice-President - Clinton Allen
Director - Gordon Anderson
Director - Paul A. Diamond
Director - Alvin Diamond
Director - James A. Willson
Secretary/Treasurer - Darrell Becker
Governmental Relations Director - James Griffin
Information Director Director - Darrell Becker
Member Relations Director - Deborah Etta Marella
Membership Chairperson - Deborah Etta Marella

President - Micah M. Meyers Jr
Vice-President - Ronald D. Wenger
Vice-President - Ray A. Halteman
Director - Clifford L. Frey
Director - Zach C. Meyers
Director - Dean L. Ocker
Director - Clint Ferguson
Director - Lynn Allen Dietrich
Secretary/Treasurer - Faith M. Musser
Governmental Relations Director - Zach C. Meyers
Governmental Relations Director - Jeffry L. Grove
Information Director Director - Tonya S. Stoner
Member Relations Director - Melissa R. Keefer
Member Services Coordinator - Melissa R. Keefer
Membership Chairperson - Charles H. Myers
Membership Chairperson - Dean L. Ocker

President - Marlin M. Lynch
Vice-President - Ricky A. Leese
Vice-President - Daniel M. Leese
Secretary - Wildena Truax
Treasurer - Ricky A. Leese
Director - Alonza W. Palmer
Director - Barry E. Bivens
Director - Donna J. Lynch
Director - Howard Poole
Governmental Relations Director - Marlin M. Lynch
Information Director Director - Marlin M. Lynch
Membership Chairperson - Marlin M. Lynch

President - Harley M. Gapen
Vice-President - James Cowell Jr
Director - Clinton Butcher
Director - Roland Daniels
Director - Adolf Deynzer
Director - Harley J. Gapen
Secretary/Treasurer - Carol M. Adamson
Governmental Relations Director - Carol M. Adamson
Governmental Relations Director - Adolf Deynzer
Membership Chairperson - Adolf Deynzer
Membership Chairperson - Harley M. Gapen

President - S Nathan Mowrer
Vice-President - Rodney Davis
Director - James M. Morningstar
Director - Raymond L. Morningstar
Director - Michael A. Hawbaker
Director - Wayne L. Brenneman
Director - Timothy B. Nowlin
Director - Ian M. Hayden
Director - Ben Gordon
Secretary/Treasurer - Barbara Kyper
Governmental Relations Director - Matthew N. Barnett
Information Director Director - Deborah Hoover
Member Relations Director - S Michael Mowrer
Membership Chairperson - S Michael Mowrer
Membership Chairperson - Paul D. Powell

President - Edward G. Rising
Vice-President - Robert Steven DeHaven
Vice-President - Allan Kinter
Secretary - Rachael Telesz
Treasurer - William A. McConnell
Director - Craig A. Andrie
Director - Robert W. Martin
Director - Tim Wallace
Director - Ronald Learn
Director - Benjamin T. Brendlinger
Governmental Relations Director - Craig A. Andrie
Information Director Director - Tammie Robinson
Member Relations Director - Robert Steven DeHaven
Member Services Coordinator - Robert Steven DeHaven
Member Services Coordinator - Craig A. Andrie
Membership Chairperson - Robert Steven DeHaven

President - Daniel J. Park
Vice-President - Todd H. Thompson
Vice-President - Daniel J. McClelland
Director - Diane M. Kiehl
Director - Heidi Plyler
Director - Richard M. Wise
Director - Duaine L. Mowrey
Director - Nate Barber
Secretary/Treasurer - Lorie Park
Governmental Relations Director - Daniel J. McClelland
Member Relations Director - Lorie Park
Membership Chairperson - Daniel J. Park

President - Matthew W. Matter
Vice-President - D Ray Geissinger
Vice-President - Benjamin J. Zook
Secretary - Jaclyn R. Matter
Treasurer - Elsie J. Sheets
Director - Mark R. Partner
Director - Nelson High
Director - Benjamin C. Diem
Director - Ethan G. Shoop
Governmental Relations Director - Chris R. Hoffman
Information Director Director - Jaclyn R. Matter
Member Relations Director - Jaclyn R. Matter
Membership Chairperson - David S. Clark
Membership Chairperson - D Ray Geissinger

President - Stephen L. Hershey
Vice-President - Donald L. Ranck
Vice-President - J Richard Brenneman
Vice-President - Barry L. Siegrist Jr
Director - Ryan Cochran
Director - Courtney Meyer
Director - Kaleb Long
Director - James L. Musser
Director - G David Ginder
Director - J. Michael Zimmerman
Secretary/Treasurer - Amy Benner
Governmental Relations Director - Donald L. Ranck
Membership Chairperson - Kaycee A. Browell
Membership Chairperson - Courtney Meyer

President - Curtis L. Martin
Vice-President - Tim Crouse
Director - Joel H. Krall
Director - Nelson P. Heagy
Director - Dale E. Heagy
Director - Clifford R. Berger
Director - Steven J. Wenger
Director - William M. Bennetch
Director - Dennis L. Grubb
Director - Clyde B. Meyer
Director - Dale B. Himmelberger
Director - Jeffrey Allison
Secretary/Treasurer - Tracy L. Heagy
Governmental Relations Director - Dennis L. Grubb
Member Relations Director - Robert B. Smith
Membership Chairperson - Robert B. Smith

President - William T. Boyd
Vice-President - Keith D. Harwick
Secretary - John Berry
Treasurer - Melanie E. Fink
Director - Robert P. Sadler
Director - Larry L. Bachman
Director - Paul W. Semmel
Director - Houstin L. Lichtenwalner
Director - Marshall Mangold
Director - Arland H. Schantz
Governmental Relations Director - Arland H. Schantz
Information Director Director - Sonia Fink
Membership Chairperson - Arland H. Schantz
Membership Chairperson - Keith D. Harwick

President - Keith R. Hilliard
Vice-President - Jon Lucas
Vice-President - Martin Smith
Director - Francis J. Broyan
Director - Rudolph Chapin
Director - Dale W. Frederick
Director - Amy Salansky
Director - Randy G. Yoder
Secretary/Treasurer - Richard E. Yost
Governmental Relations Director - Matthew S. Balliet
Information Director Director - Amy Salansky
Member Relations Director - Martin Smith
Membership Chairperson - Martin Smith

President - Benjamin A. Hepburn
Vice-President - Edward D. Frantz
Vice-President - Christopher P. Ulrich
Secretary - Joan L. London
Treasurer - Barbara A. Steppe
Director - T Scott Moore
Director - Michael Jarrett
Director - Theodore R. Barbour
Director - Clayton Koser
Governmental Relations Director - Theodore R. Barbour
Information Director Director - Barbara A. Steppe
Member Relations Director - Christopher P. Ulrich
Member Services Coordinator - Christopher P. Ulrich
Membership Chairperson - Clayton Koser
Membership Chairperson - Edward D. Frantz

President - Gary D. Isadore
Vice-President - Daniel J. Shetler
Secretary - Doris S. Edgreen
Treasurer - Laura Isadore
Director - Dave Peterson
Director - Thomas F. Edgreen
Director - Michael P. Mangan
Director - Andrew N. Barr
Governmental Relations Director - Thomas F. Edgreen
Member Relations Director - Dave Peterson
Membership Chairperson - Dave Peterson

President - William E. Cannon
Vice-President - J Steven Paxton
Vice-President - Robert Craft
Secretary - Lana R. Mozes
Treasurer - Sam Huff
Director - Andrew C. Spencer
Director - William Hohmann
Director - Mark R. Canon
Director - John H. Vanderstappen
Director - Lisa M. Robinson
Governmental Relations Director - George R. Gregg
Member Relations Director - Sam Huff
Membership Chairperson - Sam Huff

President - Timothy R. Goss
Vice-President - Mark M. Ellinger
Secretary - Jami L. Glick
Treasurer - Robert D. Harrop
Director - Lee R. Forgy
Director - Pamela J. Forgy
Director - Kent A. Spicher
Director - Robert E. Peachey
Director - David C. Glick
Director - Frank A. Bonson
Director - J. Elrose Glick
Director - James L. Hostetter
Director - Morgan Stimely
Governmental Relations Director - Mark M. Ellinger
Information Director Director - Rebecca E. Harrop
Member Relations Director - Timothy R. Goss
Member Services Coordinator - David C. Glick
Membership Chairperson - Timothy R. Goss

President - John Caroff
Vice-President - Francis McDonnell
Director - Charles D. Rhoads
Director - Merrill G. Ruth
Director - Blaine Souder
Director - James D. Myers
Director - John E. Kulp
Director - Elizabeth Emlen
Director - Jeffrey T. Mowrer
Secretary/Treasurer - Wendy J. Freed
Governmental Relations Director - Francis McDonnell
Information Director Director - Wendy J. Freed
Member Relations Director - Wendy J. Freed
Member Services Coordinator - John Caroff
Membership Chairperson - John Caroff

President - Georgia M. Klischer
Vice-President - John S. Hartman
Director - Keith T. Fletcher
Director - Donald C. Bergey
Director - Dean Heebner
Director - Herbert Zeager
Secretary/Treasurer - Jennifer L. Heebner
Governmental Relations Director - Georgia M. Klischer
Information Director Director - Jennifer L. Heebner
Member Relations Director - Jay E. Wissler
Membership Chairperson - Jay E. Wissler

President - Ray I. Mack
Vice-President - John P. Miller
Director - Duane L. Stevenson Jr
Director - Kathryn E. Raub
Director - Donald A. Seipt
Director - Ruth Fulmer
Director - Eva M. Fulmer
Director - Ralph W. Hahn
Director - Krissa M. Brewer
Director - Travis E. Hahn
Director - Nicholas S. Hebrock
Secretary/Treasurer - Susan A. Hahn
Governmental Relations Director - Robert J. Hoyer

President - Gordon T. Kopp
Vice-President - Ryan M. Snyder
Vice-President - Brad Dressler
Secretary - Shirley L. Snyder
Treasurer - Karen Ulmer
Director - Claude M. Knoebel Jr
Director - Dean Reiner
Director - Jon Clemens
Director - Paul Todd Rapp
Director - Frances Appleman
Governmental Relations Director - Timothy Lesher
Information Director Director - Sarah Dressler
Membership Chairperson - Rebecca A. Spickler

President - Donald W. Bartch III
Vice-President - Steven M. Innerst
Vice-President - Stacey Lynn Hann
Director - Michael S. Lindgren
Director - Shawna Weller
Director - Garry W. Raub
Director - Stephen C. Naylor
Director - James L. Fuller
Director - Glen R. Cauffman
Secretary/Treasurer - Robert O'Toole
Governmental Relations Director - James L. Fuller
Membership Chairperson - Vance R. Kretzing

President - Kent A. Heffner
Vice-President - Dennis Marbarger
Director - John K. Shafer
Director - David K. Koch
Director - David L. Green
Director - John C. Halabura
Director - Allen T. Hinkel
Director - Daniel Troxell
Director - Jacklyn Varner
Director - Julie E. Masser Ballay
Director - Cody Holden
Secretary/Treasurer - Kate Hendricks
Governmental Relations Director - David K. Koch
Information Director Director - Kate Hendricks
Member Relations Director - Kent A. Heffner
Member Services Coordinator - Kent A. Heffner
Membership Chairperson - Leanna Reed

President - Jeremy J. Waite
Vice-President - Douglas A. Klingler
Vice-President - Leander Dave Zook
Secretary - Ashley Wetzel
Treasurer - Esther Martin
Director - Steve Smith
Director - D Brian Gray
Director - Jay P. Hoover
Director - Nathan S. Bingaman
Membership Chairperson - Robert W. Heimbach

President - Larry Cogan
Vice-President - Shawn R. Saylor
Secretary - Carol J. Walker
Treasurer - Debra K. Ott
Director - Clarence B. Waltermire
Director - Tommy R. Croner
Director - Albert P. Barnett
Director - Scott Rhoads
Director - Jeff Mishler
Director - H Dennis Hutchison
Governmental Relations Director - Kurt M. Walker
Information Director Director - Andrea Stoltzfus
Member Relations Director - Scott Rhoads
Member Services Coordinator - Jeff Mishler
Membership Chairperson - H Dennis Hutchison

President - Donna L. Williams
Vice-President - James L. Barbour
Vice-President - David DeLeon
Secretary - Michelene Klim
Treasurer - Barbara J. Roszel
Director - John R. Benscoter
Director - J William Brooks
Director - Joseph Decker Sr
Director - Thomas C. Helmacy
Director - Joseph F. Plonski
Director - Emma Hinkley
Governmental Relations Director - Janet Belcher
Information Director Director - Nancy Panzera-Jackson
Member Relations Director - Donna L. Williams
Member Services Coordinator - Franklin G. Belcher
Membership Chairperson - Joseph Decker Sr
Membership Chairperson - Alton G. Arnold

President - Timothy P. Wood
Vice-President - Jeffery Barnes
Secretary - Kurt A. Kosa
Treasurer - Rhoda M. Lent
Director - Jonathan Blass
Director - Dale R. Hoffman
Director - Stanley Brubaker
Director - Karl W. Kroeck
Director - Clifford Root
Director - Philip E. Lehman
Governmental Relations Director - Stanley Brubaker
Member Relations Director - Timothy P. Wood
Membership Chairperson - Jeffery Barnes

President - Matthew Ulrich
Vice-President - Jason E. Wolfe
Secretary - Susan Hauck
Treasurer - Missy Weidensaul
Director - Susan Hauck
Director - R Lavere Hook
Director - Harold Fogle
Director - Jim Brubaker
Director - Curtiss B. Falck
Director - Sherry G. Brouse
Director - Joshua W. Keister
Governmental Relations Director - Jim Brubaker
Member Services Coordinator - Sherry G. Brouse
Membership Chairperson - Harold Fogle
Membership Chairperson - R Lavere Hook

President - Mark E. Lawson
Vice-President - Fred A. Lucks
Vice-President - H Peter Block
Director - Arlene V. Curtis
Director - Mickey A. Ludwick
Director - Dianna Sleeman
Director - Carlton Lee Curtis
Director - Sheryl Vanco
Director - Kim D. Spicer
Director - Ruth L. Morrison
Secretary/Treasurer - Deborah J. Lucks
Governmental Relations Director - Mickey A. Ludwick
Information Director Director - Deborah J. Lucks
Member Relations Director - Fred A. Lucks
Member Services Coordinator - Fred A. Lucks
Membership Chairperson - Deborah J. Lucks

President - L George Wherry
Vice-President - John H. Scott
Vice-President - Douglas R. Bentrem
Director - Donald M. Henderson Jr
Director - Katie Bednarski
Director - Raymond D. Miller
Director - Sharon Baillie
Director - Lisa Wherry
Secretary/Treasurer - Gary D. Woodruff
Governmental Relations Director - Douglas R. Bentrem
Information Director Director - Denise Lewellyn
Member Relations Director - Gary D. Woodruff
Member Services Coordinator - Donald M. Carter
Membership Chairperson - Gary D. Woodruff

President - Karl Eisenhauer
Vice-President - Bonnie L. Latourette
Vice-President - Robert M. Rutledge Jr
Secretary - Carole A. Grodack
Treasurer - Karl Eisenhauer
Director - Louise Erk
Director - Donald W. Salak
Director - Lynita Vail
Director - Joyce Mazzga-Carson
Director - Karen Loscig
Director - Clinton C. Latourette
Director - David Williams
Director - Timothy Jaggars
Director - Andrew W. Weist Jr
Director - Craig Olver
Governmental Relations Director - Robert M. Rutledge Jr
Information Director Director - Joyce Mazzga-Carson
Member Relations Director - Bonnie L. Latourette
Member Services Coordinator - Karl Eisenhauer
Membership Chairperson - Karen Loscig
Membership Chairperson - Timothy Jaggars

President - Gretchen Winklosky
Vice-President - Kenneth P. Reed II
Secretary - Kayla Wallace
Treasurer - Hope Frye
Director - James G. Schenck Jr
Director - Jess Stairs
Director - Alvin Vance Jr
Director - Dwight Sarver
Director - Fred J. Slezak
Director - Robert J. Graham
Director - Greg Forejt Jr
Governmental Relations Director - Jess Stairs
Membership Chairperson - James G. Schenck Jr
Membership Chairperson - Paul H. Murray

President - Dale Shupp
Vice-President - Allan J. McLain
Vice-President - William A. Burke III
Director - William Banta
Director - Clifford Kuback
Director - Arthur Carpenter
Director - Daniel Naylor
Director - Merle Lewis
Director - Roger Teel
Secretary/Treasurer - Connie M. Teel
Governmental Relations Director - Dale Shupp
Information Director Director - Charlene M. Shupp-Espenshade
Member Relations Director - Allan J. McLain
Membership Chairperson - Allan J. McLain
Membership Chairperson - Arthur Carpenter

President - Dolores Krick
Vice-President - Dennis K. Ilyes
Secretary - Sarah Doyle
Treasurer - Joshua D. Martin
Director - Corey Grove
Director - Ruth Ann Smith
Director - Patricia H. McCandless
Director - Lisa M. Jackson
Director - Todd Henry Sommer
Director - Karen Doyle
Director - Joshua D. Werning
Governmental Relations Director - Corey Grove
Information Director Director - Sarah Doyle
Membership Chairperson - Dolores Krick
Membership Chairperson - Patricia H. McCandless