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For Immediate Release: October 4, 2018

(Camp Hill) – Legislation strongly promoted by Pennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB) to ensure that humane society police officers are properly trained in farm safety and biosecurity protocols has been signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf.

     The legislation (House Bill 1917) increases the number of training hours humane society police officers must complete initially and for continuing education. It also requires officers to be trained in farm biosecurity protocols and potential hazards that might be present on farms.

     “We believe training prescribed under the new law is critical to protecting both the officers and farmers when an officer is conducting an investigation. Farms, by nature, are much different from other settings officers may visit; and farms have unique hazards, such as silos and manure pits,” said PFB President Rick Ebert. “In addition, expanding training on farm biosecurity will help farmers ensure that their animals are protected while an officer is visiting the farm.”

     PFB thanked state Representative Frank Ryan, who sponsored the bill, along with members of the state General Assembly for their support of the legislation.

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