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For Immediate Release: November 19,  2019

(Camp Hill) – Pennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB) says legislation that would allow additional hunting on Sundays in Pennsylvania includes language specifically written to meet the requirements of a PFB policy that would enable Farm Bureau to take a neutral position on the bill. The legislation, Senate Bill 147, recently passed the state Senate and now moves to the Governor.

“Even though we have taken a neutral position, we are pleased with the significantly improved trespassing provisions included in the bill,” said PFB President Rick Ebert. “The legislation makes hunter trespassing a primary offense enforceable by the state Game Commission and includes increased penalties and fines for violators. In fact, a hunter caught trespassing for a second offense over a seven-year period, would lose their hunting license for one year.”

Farm Bureau notes that the final language in the bill is much different than the original bill introduced in February. Aside from stronger trespassing laws, the bill addresses other stipulations contained in PFB policy, such as limiting the maximum number of Sunday hunting days to three per year and requiring hunters to gain written permission from landowners prior to hunting on their land for the three Sundays authorized under the legislation.

“We believe our policy development process played a major role in influencing what was included in the final piece of legislation,” concluded Ebert.

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Editor’s note: Many reporters covering the Sunday hunting story have inaccurately written or stated that Pennsylvania is one of only three states that prohibit hunting on Sunday or that hunting on Sunday in Pennsylvania has been banned for 337 years. Both of those statements are false. In Pennsylvania, Sunday hunting is permitted for foxes, coyotes and crows. Several news organizations have provided a more accurate portrayal, writing or stating that Pennsylvania is one of 11 states that restricts or bans hunting on Sunday.