LesherFamily2012 webPennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB) is a professional organization which is financed and controlled by members. When a family or individual joins, they actually enroll in a County Farm Bureau. There are 54 County Farm Bureaus, serving 66 counties in Pennsylvania.

There are two types of family memberships:     

1) Farmer Member* - a person who is actively engaged in the production of agricultural products, whose principal occupation is farming. Only Farmer members have the privilege of voting on Farm Bureau policy issues.

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2) Non-Farmer Member*
- anyone who is interested in agriculture and where their food comes from, whose family or livelihood benefits from agriculture or is involved with agriculture on a part-time basis. Non-farmer members are able to utilize most privileges of membership
(except for voting on Farm Bureau policy issues). 

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* Membership Dues Are Non-Refundable

Please Note: The membership year is the same as the calendar year.  Persons who join the Farm Bureau for the first time between July 1-December 30 of any year will become members for the rest of that calendar year and for the entire next calendar year.  Persons who join for the first time between January 1-June 30 are members until December 30 of that year. In subsequent years, members receive their first dues notice for the next year's renewal membership on or about September 1.


Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Reaches Discount Agreement with Lancaster Farming

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau has reached a joint marketing agreement with Lancaster Farming that includes a discount on subscriptions to the newspaper.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau members will be eligible for a 10 percent discount on their annual subscriptions. In addition, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and Lancaster Farming will work jointly at reaching new Farm Bureau members on targeted marketing campaigns.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is thrilled to be able to reach this joint agreement—and provide a savings to members—with Lancaster Farming.

“Lancaster Farming is a go-to-resource for farm families,” said PFB President Rick Ebert. “They do a tremendous job reporting on the news of agriculture in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region, and their advertising and classifieds are essential for anyone in the business of farming. We are excited to start this new partnership.”

Discounts for current Farm Bureau members with a Lancaster Farming subscription will be available at the time of their next subscription renewal. Discounts will also be available for new subscribers.

As part of the agreement, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau will work to promote Lancaster Farming during events, such as Ag Progress Days. Farm Bureau members are eligible for a 10 percent discount on new subscriptions, or when your subscription renews. Log into the members only site and click on Resources/Member Discount Codes.