Accountability of gas well operators to surface landowners in well operation and assessment of royalty deductions:

- House Bill 1684 (Prime Sponsor – Garth Everett):  Would guarantee payment of ⅛ royalties and prohibit assessment of costs for well production and transmission to reduce royalty payments below the minimum guaranteed level.

- Senate Bill 1236 (Prime Sponsor Gene Yaw):  Would require information on establishment of joint ventures for gas or oil development to be provided annually to landowners subject to a gas or oil lease.  Would also provide the opportunity for landowners, upon written request, to inspect lessee’s records related to well development and operation on the property for which the landowner is receiving royalties.

- House Bill 402 (Prime Sponsor Tina Pickett) and Senate Bill 1238 (Prime Sponsor Gene Yaw):  Would require the person owning the subsurface rights to a gas or oil lease to file within 30 days of termination or completion of a gas or oil lease a document acknowledging the lease has been terminated or satisfied.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau urges legislators to support and work for prompt passage of legislation contained in House Bill 1684 (ensuring landowners are guaranteed the minimum level of royalties our statutes originally intended to provide); Senate Bill 1236 (providing landowners with meaningful access to information); and House Bill 402 and Senate Bill 1238 (requiring timely recording of termination or satisfaction of gas lease).