PFB policy supports a balanced and coordinated state program to secure increased funding for roads and bridges through increased commitment of general fund revenues, additional state bonds, increases in motor fuels taxes and other practical funding sources.

Because of lack of funds committed in recent years for road and bridge maintenance and the significant increase in use of heavy vehicles on roads (particularly in rural areas), Pennsylvania’s road and bridge system is in trouble of rapid and extreme deterioration.  Although there may be some additional pain that Pennsylvanians may feel in securing the level of funding needed to adequately maintain our roads and bridges, Pennsylvania must act now to secure the necessary increases in state funding levels to adequately sustain our highway system.

Governor Corbett is expected to introduce a plan for transportation funding based largely upon lifting the existing cap on the state’s oil franchise tax paid by fuel distributors.  The increase is projected to raise nearly $1.9 billion per year for transportation needs.

Contacts should be made to House and Senate members, especially those on the House and Senate Transportation and Appropriations Committees.  Legislators should be urged to support legislation that will provide for Pennsylvania a coordinated program to secure the additional funding that is critically needed for our state road and bridge system through several practical funding sources.