You do not need a CDL to operate any vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (or, if towing another vehicle a gross combination weight rating) of 26,000 lbs or less. For truck and truck tractors with a farm vehicle registration or exemption that have a gross weight rating (or combination weight rating) over 26,000 lbs. a CDL is not required, if:

  • The driver has a Class C License,
  • The vehicle is being operated in accordance with the farm vehicles restrictions in use, and
  • The vehicle is being operated within a 150-miles radius (air miles) of the farm.

You can learn more about CDL’s at PFB’s transportation website at or at PennDOT’s CDL 


Farm Trucks 

For vehicles operating as a farm truck, the following rules apply:

For intrastate operation (trips made exclusively within Pennsylvania): farm trucks should not be required to have or display a USDOT number unless the truck is transporting hazardous materials in amounts that require the truck to display hazardous materials placards. An administrative order, included in Regulaid, issued December 2010 by PennDOT Secretary Allen Biehler has waived requirements for “nonhazardous” intrastate farm trucks to have or display USDOT numbers. We recommend you keep a copy of this document in any truck meeting USDOT wavier requirements.

However, if you use your farm-registered truck outside of Pennsylvania and the actual weight or weight rating of your truck (or if towing another vehicle the actual weight or weight rating of the combination) is greater than 10,000 pounds, you will be required to display on the vehicle the name of the business, the place where the business is located, and the USDOT number that has been assigned to the business (Fed Regs § 390.21). There are no exceptions provided to farms or other business. A business will not be able to comply with this requirement unless it has acquired a USDOT number.

For Non-Commercial Vehicles
If you believe you are not operating your vehicle for commercial purposes, than you should not have to comply with the requirements for a US DOT number.

For Commercial Vehicles
In Pennsylvania, all registrants of commercial motor vehicles, even intrastate and non-Motor Carrier registrants, are required to obtain a USDOT Number as a necessary condition for commercial vehicle registration unless they are specifically exempted.

Application Forms

Applications forms are available at

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