Liability Protection for Agritourism and Agritainment Enterprises

There is an increasing need among Pennsylvania’s farm families to engage in agritourism and agritainment enterprises on their farms in order to obtain sufficient supplemental income to keep their farms viable.  Agritourism and agritainment enterprises provide special and unique products, services and entertainment to regional patrons, who often are not able to experience the “pleasures of rural life” where they live.  But these conditions and activities can also expose patrons to increased risk of injury that cannot be fully controlled by the person who owns or operates the enterprise.

Senate Bill 395 would provide to farmers who operate an agritourism or agritainment enterprise on their farm a limited protection from civil liability for injuries to patrons that are inherent to their participation in an agritourism or agritainment activity.  To be subject to the protection, the farmer would post a notice that there are risks of injury that can occur from participating in the activity, and by participating, the patron will be assuming the risk that he or she will become injured.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau urges support for legislation in Senate Bill 395 to provide reasonable protections from civil liability to farmers engaged in agritourism and agritainment enterprises.