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Keynote Speaker: Mike Turzai, 
Speaker of the Pennsylvania
House of Representatives

The 40th anniversary of the FARMER Dinner will be held March 24th 2020 at the Harrisburg Hilton.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s Political Action Committee invites you to our 40th annual statewide event: a celebration of farmer lawmakers!

Keynote speaker Mike Turzai, who serves as Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, along with Keith Eckel and Sam Hayes will help us salute the men and women who came from the farm to work in Harrisburg.

Keith Eckel, past president of Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and Sam Hayes, former secretary of agriculture, will help us honor farmers like Art Hershey, Paul Semmel, John Barley, Jess Stairs and Sheila Miller for their work in Harrisburg. As FARMER celebrates the 40th year of its annual dinner, we want to give thanks to these farmer leaders who have made such an incredible impact on the agriculture industry.

Speaker of the House Mike Turzai has a long history of being a leader in state government. First elected in 2001, Turzai rose through the ranks to serve as Majority Leader for the House Republican Caucus in 2011. He has served as Speaker since 2015. Throughout his career, Turzai has fought back against excessive government spending, led efforts to make Pennsylvania more business friendly and supported lawsuit abuse reform.

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FARMER is a political action committee (PAC) operated by the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau since 1981. It solicits monies from interested parties to elect "friends of agriculture" to the state General Assembly.

FARMER reviews candidate's voting records on agricultural issues, as well as their personal philosophy. It seeks the opinion of county Farm Bureaus and individual FARMER members and contributes to candidates on a bipartisan basis. FARMER is the only PAC owned and controlled by farmers in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania campaign law does not allow FARMER to accept corporate contributions. All members receive FARMER information and have the opportunity to input the candidate selection process.

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