How much of my classroom time will this take?
From start to finish, the program only takes about 30 minutes per classroom.  We are hoping that classroom teachers will see the value in connecting their students not only to where their food comes from, but to someone who is a part of that process

What do I need to prepare?
Nothing.  Volunteer Readers will bring the 2018Ag Literacy Week book and all activity materials (prepared by PA Friends of Ag Foundation) along with them.  All your students need is an interest in learning! 

Does this align with PA standards?
Yes.  All activity materials are prepared by PA Friends of Agriculture Foundation and aligned with PA state standards.  Classrooms get to keep a copy of the book for their classroom library and additional lessons, also aligned with the state standards, will be provided so you can extend the learning with your students after our Ag Literacy Week visit.



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