Group Registration Information

Are you a coordinator or leader for a volunteer group, such as FFA, 4-H or county farm bureau? Consider organizing your group to participate as readers Ag Literacy Week.

Register Your Group

How does my group participate?

Group members will be required to contact the teachers of the classrooms that your group chooses to visit and coordinate a specific day and time to visit their classroom to read during the PA Ag Literacy Week.

1. Collect the following information about each the classrooms you will be visiting before completing the online registration form:

  •  teacher
  • teacher email
  • county
  • school district
  • school name
  • grade
  • number of students

2. Register your classroom by clicking on the link above to begin your group registration.

What happens next?

By the end of February, Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation the will send you the Ag Literacy Week book of the year and instructions to complete your classroom visit.

If your group participated this past year, thank you for seeing the need for agricultural education and joining with us to take agriculture directly into the classroom.

We look forward to having you join us again.