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2020 ALW Brochure


Are you a leader for a volunteer group, such as FFA or 4-H looking for an activity as part of your community outreach?

Please consider organizing your group to participate as readers for Ag Literacy Week.

Register your group(s)

If your group participated this year, thank you for seeing the need for agricultural education and joining with us to take agriculture directly into the classroom.  We look forward to having you join us again next year.

 What our reader partcipants say:

The best part of participating in Ag Literacy Week was…

  • Seeing the excitement of the kids as they learned about agriculture and how they could think about it in their daily lives
  • Having our 4H members, club leaders and 4H alumni share with students and teachers. 
    It was great to have high school students visit elementary classrooms in their district and advocate for agriculture and serve as role models
  • Seeing how much joy the elementary school students gave my high school students They enjoyed the reading and playing BINGO with the kids so much!
  • The elementary students loved having FFA members in the classrooms.
  • We made new friends!
  • Sharing ag information with kids who otherwise may not know how important it is.