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Strites Orchards has been using the PFA FACCTS® Program since 1992. With 300 acres in their orchard, that leaves precious little time to do their bookwork.

is a proprietary farm and business accounting software program carefully developed with the user in mind. Unlimited support, printouts, and updates are included in one low annual fee. If you don’t own a computer, lease one from us and avoid the risk of costly repairs and rapid computer value depreciation.

Why PFA FACCTS®  Software?

  •  Easy-to-Use with Unlimited Technical Support
  •  Simplifies Payroll
  •  Professional Monthly Printouts
  •  Helps You Manage Your Business
  •  Designed by Small Business Accounting Experts


Contact PFA FACCTS® at 717.731-3517
or use the convenient webform below.


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