Seminars/Seminar Incentive Program


Each year we put forth great effort to provide quality seminars consisting of a variety of topics and speakers that we believe will be of interest to attendees. We hope members will look at the 2018 seminar listing and plan to attend as many as possible. It is not necessary to pre-register. For every seminar you attend, you will receive a raffle ticket upon completion of the evaluation form. Two winning tickets will be drawn at Monday’s dinner from those collected throughout the day on Monday and two tickets will be drawn at Tuesday’s dinner for those collected from Tuesday’s seminars. The more seminars attended, the greater the chance of winning a prize.

Monday, November 12

2:00 – 3:15 Stressed? Tips and Techniques to Deal with Farm Stress
Speaker: Suzanne Pish, Extension Educator, Michigan State University Extension
Farmers know how to take care of their animals and crops, taking careful steps to ensure they are healthy and safe. Unfortunately, often farmers don’t take the same care in monitoring and managing their own mental and physical stress. Suzanne will share proven tips on stress management for farmers and their families.

2:00 – 3:15 Farm Labor 101: Helping Fruit & Vegetable Producers Understand Agricultural Labor Laws
Speaker: Sean High, Staff Attorney, Penn State Center for Agricultural & Shale Law
Producers face numerous complex federal and state agricultural labor laws. Unfortunately failure to comply with these laws could result in costly sanctions. This seminar will provide attendees with information regarding legal requirements through a guided agricultural labor law self-assessment and agricultural labor law fact sheets. Issues to be covered include: minimum wage, overtime, child labor, migrant and seasonal workers, and other laws affecting fruit and vegetable producers.

3:30 – 4:45 Ag Land Condemnation – Show Me the Need!
Speaker(s): Doug Wolfgang, Director, Bureau of Farmland Preservation, PA Department of Agricultural, Sean High, Staff Attorney, Penn State Center for Agricultural & Shale Law and John Bell, Senior Government Affairs Counsel, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
What farmers may proactively do in response to proposals and threats by state and local agencies to condemn portions of their farm for “public use”. Covered topics will include laws enacted in PA that may affect proposed condemnations of farmland and how reviewing bodies such as courts have applied the criteria established in these statutes.

3:30 – 4:45 County Farm Bureau Fundraising
Speakers; t/b/d
County Farm Bureaus may be unsure about their financial ability in the future to continue to provide current programs and activities. Now more than ever it is important to find new ways to generate revenue. Attend this session and learn about fundraising campaigns that have been successful in other counties. Topics to be discussed will be how to select the right person to lead the fundraisers and how to appoint effective committees. Come brainstorm with other members about creative ideas for fundraising that your county may find worthwhile.

Tuesday, November 13

8:45 – 10:00 Painting Class
Presenter: Judy Mummau, Painting Parties by Judy
Sit and relax while following simple instructions to create your own wrapped canvas depicting a Winter farm scene. No art skills are needed. Go home with a personalized momento from the convention. Seating is limited, and will be on a first come basis. All class fees and supplies are compliments of the state Womens’ Leadership Committee, however donations towards defraying costs are welcome. (There will be a donation box available in the room).

8:45 – 10:00 Dairy Revenue Insurance
Presenter: John Newton, Chief Economist, AFBF
John Newton, Chief Economist at AFBF, will discuss the new Dairy Revenue Protection (Dairy-RP) insurance product, co-developed by AFBF and AFBF Insurance Services, Inc. Dairy-RP will provide coverage against declines in quarterly revenue from milk sales (this includes both unexpected declines in milk prices and/or unexpected declines in milk production) and is expected to be available by Fall 2018.

10:15 – 11:30 Duel Fueled Leadership
Presenter(s): JD Dunbar & Tara Homan
Two leadership practitioners lead an active, engaged session on personal and professional leadership styles that will ultimately enhance your image. “Duel Fueled Leadership” invites audience members to discern their own leadership style and brand, and how to use it to empower others.

10:15 – 11:30 Spotted Lanternfly
Presenter: Dana Rhodes, State Plant Regulatory Official, PA Department of Ag
Spotted Lanternfly is a pest which threatens the environment, quality of life and business trading opportunities within PA, the United States, and international markets. This session will give an overview of the pest life cycle, what USDA, PSU, and PDA are doing to combat this invasive pest and how people and businesses within Pennsylvania may be impacted. The current permit system developed by PDA will be discussed, as well as how quarantines imposed by other states may impact how business may move products out of PA.

10:45 – 11:45 Ag Careers: Part 2
Presenters: t/b/d
In 2017 the PFB Ag Promotion Committee and PA Friends of Agriculture Foundation completed a joint project to inform students about careers in agriculture. This formal presentation was well received by our members and was presented to many middle school classrooms. While the presentation is still available, we became aware of a related need. Come hear about this year’s joint project, also related to ag careers, but appropriate for a more informal setting.

1:45 – 3:00 Grow Healthier Soil and Cleaner Water
Presenter: Dan Dostie, State Resource Conservationist, USDA, NRCS
This session will present USDA Farm Production and Conservation Agency tools, financial and technical assistance, commodity, lending and disaster programs for America’s working lands specifically targeting resources for healthier soils and cleaner water. Accomplishments made during the last year and changes expected in the coming year will be highlighted.

1:45 – 3:00 Lyme Disease
Presenter(s) Doug Fearn, President of Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern PA
Don Hannum, Chair, PA Lyme Disease Awareness Committee
Chester-Delaware County Farm Bureau
Lyme disease is the most common insect-borne disease in the U.S. and PA has the highest number of cases of any state. Lyme disease can cause permanent disability and even death. Diagnosing and treating Lyme can be difficult. Presentation will cover, what is Lyme disease, how do you get it, signs and symptoms, prevention and treatment.

3:15 – 4:30 Precision Ag Fits any Size Farm
Presenter(s): Travis Hammer, Marketing Manager, Agintegrated
AgIntegrated is an 11 year-old company based in State College, PA. AGI has developed services for precision agriculture for farms of all sizes. AGI works to develop understanding and utilization of technology to increase efficiency, yields and profitability.

3:15 – 4:30 Agritourism: Legal Concerns to Know
Presenter: Jaqueline Schweichler, Education Programs Coordinator, Penn State Center for Agricultural & Shale Law
Agritourism is becoming an increasingly popular industry in the United States. Farmers are inviting people onto their land to pick fruit, pet livestock, and experience the farm life. This session will discuss agritourism and the legal issues associated such as zoning, potential hazards and liability statutes.