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See How They Work & Look Inside Farm Equipment

 By Johannah Gilman Paiva, Ashley Rideout,
Simon Tegg, and Ross Watton

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Answer Key:

  Ready, Set, Sequence...Go

  1. Safety circuit closed
AgTeck 1SittingInSkid

2. Power from battery to switch 
AgTeck 2DoesMotorWork
 3. Turning key switch
AgTeck 3KeyTurningHand

4. Power to fuse in fuse box

AgTeck 4FusesRelays 

5. Starter powered

AgTeck 5SkidStearLeaving


  Mixed Signals

 CSITHW - Switch  DGUONR - Ground  PERWO - Power  AYERL - Relay  IOESSRTR - Resistor  DDEIO - Diode

AgTeck MixedSignals

  Electrical Match Up

1C Good Voltage Reading  2F Fuse  3B Completed Safety Circuit  4A Battery  5E Wiring Schematic 6G Key Switch   7D Starter


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