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Tyler Pancakes ag literacy"Tyler Makes Pancakes"
Written by Tyler Florence
Illustrated by Craig Frazier

Tyler and his dog, Tofu, are hungry for blueberry pancakes.
They are so good to eat -- all fluffy and juicy and hot. But the real fun is making them.
First you need a chicken, a cow, a few blueberry bushes, some special trees, and lots of mixing, flipping, and topping.
Chickens? Trees? We're still talking pancakes, right?
Yes we are, and Tyler and Tofu find out just how it's done, all before sitting down for the best breakfast ever!

Do you think pancakes come from a box? Not really! So let Food Network star Tyler Florence and Craig Frazier take you on an adventure from farm to mouth. You'll learn how we get the best ingredients and discover that the most important one of all comes from the heart.

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