2020 Dates:

July 13 - July 16

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For a week during the summer, teachers from all over the state visit farms and agricultural industries to learn how food moves from the source to the consumer. In addition, the program emphasizes the relationship between the food we eat and our environment.

educators ag institute aquaponicsClassroom experiments give teachers curriculum and hands-on experience to take back and share with their students once they return to their own classrooms.  

Field trips and in-class seminars instruct teachers on such topics as nutrition, ecology, agriculture's place in civilization, food uses, and the increasingly popular use of integrated pest management (IPM) in the farming industry.

Teachers are able to use the information they've received to integrate agriculture and information about the earth's natural resources into their curriculum. They are able to use their personal experiences to explain to their students how Pennsylvania's largest industry affects each of their lives everyday.

Educator's Ag Institute gives you learning experiences that you can not get anywhere else. The course is taught by practicing elementary and secondary teachers, people working in agriculture, university professors and agriculture leaders.

Educator's Ag Institute will prepare you to bring agriculture to life in your classroom and across your curriculum. It is a standards-based program that makes real connections.